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Andy Morris

CEO & President Europe

Andy Morris is president and chief executive officer of Assurant in Europe, responsible for developing the successful business strategies for Europe to achieve sustainable business growth in a customer centric environment.  Andy leads the executive team in Europe with a passion for delivering transformational and innovative solutions that meet the needs of clients and their customers to continually improve the customer experience. Andy’s leadership experience within European and global business-to-business service providers spans over more than 20 years.  He has played a pivotal role in the organisation since 2006 when he was appointed as business development director for Lifestyle Services Group; later acquired by Assurant in 2013. In 2014, Andy was promoted to chief marketing officer of Assurant in Europe, where he led the development of many new and existing client relationships, company acquisitions and operational expansion, and customer solutions that have increased the delivery of products and services to over 30 million European customers.  In 2015, Andy was appointed as president and chief executive officer of Assurant in Europe. Based in the UK, Andy is a key member of the Global Commercial Leadership team.