The way consumers interact with connected technology is at an inflection point. Over the next decade, a sea change of global innovation and interoperability across connected devices, cars and homes will redefine the connected landscape. Part of this will be driven by our new focus on working from home, remote learning and connecting to others from a distance. Another part will be driven by technological advancements, like 5G and artificial intelligence, that disrupt consumer buying behaviour. How consumers adopt and interact with new technologies will vary from region to region around the world – opening the door for companies like yours to gain new market share in growth markets and monetise new opportunities in developing markets. 

Charting the Connected Decade

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Lower latency, increased data capacity, automation and truly intelligent technology will create virtually endless possibilities for connected consumers in the next decade. ‘Smart cities’ are now within reach. Real interoperability between smart homes, cars and mobile devices will be solidified. And enterprise applications for industry-specific advancements are expected to be enormous. Assurant’s Connected Decade research is designed to provide actionable insights that help us work together to enhance existing programs and create new programs that meet your consumers' needs during this evolution. Our study spans six countries, surveying participants who represent shifting consumer attitudes across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. Consumer sentiments outlined in the study reveal substantial opportunities for connected living companies. 

Connected Decade Insights from Assurant 

Throughout the next 10 years, Assurant will be analysing and sharing insights into connected consumer buying behaviors around the world. And our industry-leading connected living partners will have the opportunity to turn these insights into actionable programs that create a competitive edge. We’ll focus on ways to promote 5G adoption and other new technology. We’ll leverage our global asset disposition network to help mobile companies monetise legacy devices. And we’ll consider which offers will best support consumers as they manage the connected cars, homes and devices available to them in the Connected Decade.

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5G’s Evolution in
the Connected Decade

5G will be a game-changer, but carriers are likely to see modest  5G adoption rather  than an all-out wave.  Trade-in offers will play a critical role in overcoming the price barrier to entry. 



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From the Americas to APAC:
Connected Trends Around the World

It’s critical for connected living companies to tailor product and service offerings based on local needs, establishing the right levels of support and protection.


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UK Global Techonlogy
the Research Results

“Global Technology Research” conducted by Corus on behalf of Assurant. Quantitative opinion data sourced from a nationwide panel of British respondents via email-distributed, double opt-in web questionnaire

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Foreword By Keith Meier
EVP and President, International at Assurant

Assurant monitors connected technology trends around the world to evaluate buyer needs and identify business opportunities for technology companies, from mobile network operators to retailers and manufacturers


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Notes On 5G Adoption
In The UK And Around The World

The widespread introduction of 5G in the UK presents some compelling opportunities. The fifth-generation mobile network will make it possible for an increasing number of people and businesses to operate remotely, possibly leading to economic growth across rural areas and all four corners of the UK, not just our major cities.

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Minimise risk of Connected Product Purchases by Addressing Top Consumer Pain Points

To close the gap between purchase intent and adoption, companies need to minimise the risks associated with the connected products they sell. That starts with understanding consumer pain points.


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Mobile At The

Mobile devices sit in the center of the connected ecosystem, enabling smart products to connect to each other. But 33% of consumers don’t know how to connect their products to WiFi. You can help.

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The Domino Effect of Connected Products: 
Why the First Purchase Is Critical to Get UK Consumers Using The Smart Ecosystem

Consumers are relying more than ever on connected products that enable them to work from home, attend school online and maintain connections with friends and family. And yet they hesitate to fully adopt connected technology. Here’s why.

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