The Connected Decade:

A Look at Consumer Demand for Interconnectivity over the Next 10 Years through Assurant's Research & Innovation Project

Welcome to the Connected Decade!

Assurant monitors trends in connected technologies around the world to assess consumer needs and identify business opportunities for companies working to sustain the "connected life," from mobile operators to retailers and manufacturers.

These insights will help to better understand consumer buying behavior amid unprecedented changes in our global economy. From understanding how the "connected landscape" will continue to evolve, Assurant turn insights into programs that meet customer needs, drive business, and create competitive advantage for their partners.

Key findings from the 2023 UK Connected Decade research

The idea of the "Connected Decade" is to understand how devices (mobile and smart) are incorporated into people's lives. The research aims to address 4 fundamental topics: Support, Protection, Service, and Sustainability.

Here are the key findings from our latest research.

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73% are planning to purchase new smart technology in the next year

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Nearly two-thirds of UK Consumers have experienced frustrations with their smart technology. Gen Z & Millennials report more frustrations.
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48% of consumers would be more likely to consider a connected product purchase given a value added service

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Half of UK Gen Z & Millennials will consider buying a refurbished device to help support a more sustainable future

The 2023 Connected Decade Report

In Assurant’s latest Connected Decade Report for the UK market, you’ll discover consumer insights on:

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  • Interest in upgrading smartphones
  • Demand for refurbished devices
  • Importance of value-added services
  • Appeal of extended warranties

eBooks - The Latest in Connected Decade Research

Evolving Behaviors for Connected Consumers Across the Globe

Kicked off in 2020, Assurant will be analyzing and sharing insights into connected consumer buying behaviors around the world over the next ten years. The Connected Decade research is designed to provide actionable insights that help us work together to enhance existing programs and create new programs that meet your consumers' needs during this evolution.

Our study spans seven countries, surveying participants who represent shifting consumer attitudes across the United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. Consumer sentiments outlined in the study reveal substantial opportunities for connected living companies.

Latest Connected Decade Insights from Assurant

Lower latency, increased data capacity, automation and truly intelligent technology will create virtually endless possibilities for connected consumers in the next decade. ‘Smart cities’ are now within reach. Real interoperability between smart homes, cars and mobile devices will be solidified. And enterprise applications for industry-specific advancements are expected to be enormous.
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People Around the World Agree: Tech is Improving Life

Among its many impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of connected products around the world. Smart technology quickly became the primary method many of us used to connect to family and friends, and to work or learn from home – and it performed well.

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Connected Tech Use is at an All-Time High

While the numbers for connected product use are up 50% in the U.S., frustration rose in a similar arc. More than 46% of U.S. consumers say they’ve had challenges with their smart tech — a 35% increase from 2019.
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Growth of Interest for Refurbished Devices

In continental Europe, purchasing refurbished devices is still not as popular as premium new devices, but in the UK, they surpass buying a new device
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The importance of mobile trade-in, for your business, the environment and your customers.

Technology has helped make mobile phones become an essential part of human life. However, the average mobile device consumer will not use the same device indefinitely
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