Cosmetic Insurance

There’s a new provider in town. Help keep your customers’ vehicles looking their best with Assurant Cosmetic.

Our cosmetic protection suite offers cover for scuffs, dents and tyre damage, to help customers keep their cars in prime condition and maintain vehicle value.

Product Information

95% of people having bought a car from new in the last 3 years, feel the cosmetic appearance to the vehicle’s bodywork and alloy wheels is important to them*.  

Our cosmetic product suite helps to cover the cost of fixing scratches, chips and dents, in order to keep your customers vehicle bodywork in top appearance . Additionally, if its tyres and alloys your customers are looking to protect, we have something to cover these too. 

Assurant offers three products as part of its Cosmetic range:

Assurant Scratch and Dent Insurance 

Assurant Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance 

Assurant Alloy Wheel Insurance 

Assurant Scratch and Dent Insurance

Most vehicles have suffered some form of minor cosmetic damage during their time on the road! Our Scratch and Dent Insurance is designed to cover the cost to repair small scratches and dents, to keep vehicles in a‘ like new’ for longer.  

What does Assurant Scratch and Dent Insurance include?

Assurant Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance

Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that are in contact with the road, so they can require upkeep relatively regularly. If you’re looking to provide cover for your customers on just the wheels and alloys of their vehicle – Assurant’s Tyre and Alloy cover looks to only repair these areas and keep them in good condition.  

What does Assurant Combined Alloy Wheel & Tyre Insurance include?

Assurant Alloy Wheel Insurance

Even the best drivers can’t always avoid receiving minor cosmetic damage to their alloy wheels, which is why we provide a simple insurance to cover your customers’ alloys and keep them looking better for longer. 

What does Assurant Alloy Wheel Insurance include?

What are the benefits of Assurant Cosmetic for you and your customers?

Chart of benefits for cosmetic insurance

73% of research respondents stated they would be likely to buy a product from the suite to protect their car against the cost of minor cosmetic repairs*

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*research by Harris Interactive based on respondents (1204). Research conducted in June 2020