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Business Concierge

A product bundle that offers support for businesses with legal and HR matters, accountancy queries, and technical issues for connected devices in the office or home. By providing access to this wide range of help and support from commercial law and HR, to accounting and IT; we aim to relieve the everyday pressures of starting or running a small business.

Products & Services

Whether you’re selling support and protection on the products you make or at point of sale, work with a partner that knows the ins and outs of the industry and the expectations of your customer.

Legal Assist

Our dedicated helpline gives businesses access to legal support from a recommended Law Firm either on the phone or face to face, enabling you to get the advice you need, when you need it. Use our downloadable template to tell everyone what should happen to your money, possessions and property after you die. Or allow Legal Assist to connect you to a lawyer who can assist you directly.

Legal Document Health Check

Our legal document health check will help make sure you have the right policies, procedures and documents in place to protect your business, its assets and its reputation.

Hiring A Lawyer

Whilst we aim to answer queries within the initial consultation, there may be occasions where you require further support from a legal expert. Should you wish to proceed with a case you’ll be entitled to discounts of up to 10% on any legal fees.

Employment & HR

Legal Assist can help you with any employment query you may have, from recruitment and pensions, to redundancy and boardroom disputes.

Accounting Document Templates

Get access to a suite of downloadable templates covering a wide range of needs, including: Sales invoices. Timesheets, Dividends vouchers,, Mileage claim forms, Accounting guides. A range of helpful documents to guide you through the financial complexities of running a business, including:VAT & IR35, Auto enrollment.

Tech Assist

Say goodbye to IT headaches. Technical assistance and support for all your connected devices, PCs and laptops.

Accountancy Assist

Keep your finances running smoothly. Free helpline, free software and discounted fees on your accounting solutions.

Hiring an Accountant

Whilst we aim to answer your query within your initial consultation, there may be occasions where you need more help. If you need further ongoing support, instruct our recommended accountancy experts and benefit from discounted fees.

Unlimited Access

There’s no limit to how often you can use our support service. Our friendly team is on hand to provide the support you need, when you need it.

Covering Every Device

We can provide assistance with issues you’re having with any of your connected devices, from phones and tablets, to computers and laptops. Subscribe to Business Concierge today. Get three essential services for just £19.99 +VAT per month
Get all three support services for a single monthly payment. No fixed contract – just stop whenever you want

Tech Assist Helpline

Our Tech Assist helpline gives you access to real technical experts who can support with technical issues, and keep you connected to your business.

Accountancy Assist Helpline

Our helpline connects you with an expert who can support you with your accounting query, enabling you to get the advice you need, when you need it.

Legal Document Templates

Get access to a suite of downloadable templates covering a wide range of needs, including: contract of employment, Health & Safety Policy, shareholders agreement, Terms & Conditions and will writing