Assurant Solutions’ European business recently held a Strategic Partner Summit in Manchester with the aim of bringing together European partners to discuss opportunities to serve customers faster, more innovatively and create greater value.

The theme of the summit was “Creating Opportunity”, a theme that encompasses the attitude of Assurant Solutions across the globe. In his opening address to the 90+ audience at Old Trafford in Manchester, UK, Chris Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Assurant Solutions, Europe, was keen to stress the importance of strategic relationships in a fast moving marketplace where customer needs are constantly evolving.

Chris’ key message centred on change: “the only certainty we have in the future is change, and no one business can meet the challenges of change alone within this fast moving mobile technology market”.

Chris stressed the need for co-operation and alliances to share insights and develop future capabilities, creating an eco-system that remains strong and agile for years to come.

That approach was further endorsed by Darren Billings, Chief Operations Officer, Assurant Solutions, Europe, who presented the global opportunity of working with Assurant. Many of the organisations present at the summit had existing or developing aspirations to expand their business into new territories; some already had existing relationships with other Assurant businesses elsewhere in the world.

PartnerEventDarren2015A high energy mutually beneficial eco-system

Darren emphasised that “only by working together, understanding each other’s direction and intentions can we create high energy and mutual benefit within the eco-system” Darren encouraged discussion amongst all summit participants to seek opportunity to improve capabilities and innovation in the market.

In demonstrating how this could work, Andy Morris, Chief Marketing Officer, Assurant Solutions, Europe, highlighted some of the innovative relationships that have developed within the mobile technology eco-system over the last 18 months. Andy focused on the opportunity that has been developed by working in collaboration with DragonPass, an international airport lounge business. Assurant Solutions has partnered with DragonPass in Europe to develop lifestyle based solutions, which not only challenge the market norm but also deliver a mobile enabled experience for the connected customer.

Challenge to innovate

Andy commented “The most important thing is opening up these opportunities. With closer relationships in our eco-system there are ways in which we can identify opportunities. Let’s be clear – it won’t always work, and we have to be prepared to fail fast when we see this, but without grasping those opportunities we will never find those innovative opportunities that can transform a market and deliver exceptional value to the customer.”

Following the short presentations, the summit turned to a networking session and a chance for everyone to get to know each other better and discuss “Creating Opportunity” in our market, for the good of the eco-system and for the customer.