Mobile World Congress has always been the place to unveil new smartphone innovations, however this year feels evolutionary, with a definite shift towards the future of our connected lives. Mobile is living up to its title of being the next element and the driving force behind every emerging innovation.

It’s the last day of Europe’s biggest technology conference and the discussions have been thought-provoking. There have been keynote speeches from content producers such as Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, talking about how to deliver unlimited viewing to customers and developing the online viewing experience. Innovations in content delivery are set to expand the connected living eco-system in the near future.

Another hot topic for this year’s event has been 5G. Not only the benefits it will bring to customers but also the other side of the coin; is 4G working to its full extent yet and who is best positioned to invest in the infrastructure required? With 4G customers already using 4 times as much data than 3G, we’re bound to feel the impact of 5G when it arrives.

There have also been some developments in smartphone technologies, which even include a nod to our past. Sony have announced they will be producing phones with 4K technology, and built in cameras that can capture up to 960 frames per second. Meanwhile, the re-designed Nokia 3310 has been a quirky look back to the earlier days of mobile phones, creating a lot of excitement both at the event and in global press. Companies such as Wiko are manufacturing a range of game changing devices to dominate the low to mid-range handset market in France and across Europe.

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When it comes to Virtual Reality there’s a lot on show including taking a flight in a 360 degree plane. While this may not have a use in our day to day lives, a more down to earth innovation was showcased by BMW parking their cars in a tight spot using a mobile phone, giving us just a hint to how this technology will start to become more integrated within our connected lives and more mainstream in the future. It’s clear mobile devices will become ever centric to control many aspects of new innovations and we’re excited to see what the rest of Mobile World Congress will bring. Keep a look out for our full event review coming soon.