By Becki Murphy, UK Marketing Content Executive

CES - the biggest consumer technology show of the year has introduced the new decade to us all by showcasing many weird and wonderful tech fuelled gadgets. For anyone not able to jet over to Las Vegas to try out the new products, here is our handpicked top products within the world of Connected Living.

Winston – Next level Online Privacy

Winston describes itself as ‘More than an ad blocker, stronger than a plugin’, the sleek aluminium box is a hardware filter, which strips down the data footprint that is created in your home. The device scans the internet traffic incoming and exporting from your home and deploys several ways to scramble your internet activity, decreasing third party data usage by up to 45%. Additionally, Winston strips away corporate tracking and surveillance that invades your privacy. The brand has also released a State of Privacy Report, focused on how the top tech brands are consuming your data. There is a £6.30 monthly service fee, with the first year included with purchase. This is worth considering if you are in a busy household with multiple internet users or a collection of IoT’s. 

Lenovo - ‘Foldable’ laptop

Probably better described as foldable tablet, the X1 Fold features a 13.3in bendable Plastic OLED (often called POLED) display, with a H6 hardness resistance to avoid scratches. The X1 Fold comes with a detachable magnetic keyboard and stylus, which allows for a laptop like experience. The flexibility allows for the X1 Fold to be used like a tablet or bent to a 90 degree angle and has full Windows capabilities, so a bit more than your average notebook and pen! However, the ThinkPad X1 Fold will cost roughly £1,900 – so a notepad and pen might be a cheaper option…

Sunflower Labs - Sunflower Home Awareness System

A new approach to home surveillance! Comprising of three main components, the system includes ‘sunflower’ garden lights with in-built ‘always-on’ activity sensors, which should be tactically placed around your property to track movement. If you are concerned about a detected movement, you can deploy the next component, in the form of a drone ‘Bee’. The Bee autonomously flies and follows the movement on your property, with a live video feed sent directly to you. In order to keep the Bee fully charged, it docks in a weather-resistant charging station (or ‘Hive’) that opens and closes automatically when needed. The Sunflower system is now available for pre-order from £7,600.

LG - InstaView™ with Craft Ice

Adding to the current array of smart kitchen appliances available, LG has launched a new smart fridge showcasing a 22-inch touchscreen that turns transparent, giving a clear view of the inside of your fridge! Just knock twice on the glass panel to see what is inside without disrupting the temperature of your fridge. In addition, the Craft Ice™ produces two-inch ice balls that melt slower than your boring old tray-made square cubes. LG offers a great piece of kitchen innovation if you are a keen dinner party host, but an expensive investment for a fridge if you are not, with a £3,366.00 price tag to consider.

Danby Parcel Guard

‘Doorstep parcel thefts rise by nearly a quarter in the last two years’ so the new Parcel Guard by Danby is a great idea for anyone who shops predominately online (and is never home). Danby claims that they have produced ‘the world’s smartest mailbox’ and to be fair - it is pretty unique. Your package is placed inside the anti-theft drop slot and a notification is sent to you, to let you know that your package is secure. You can access the information via an app. Alternatively, if you want someone else to collect it from the Parcel Guard, you can unlock the box from anywhere via your smart phone.

The convergence of connected devices, homes and vehicles has reached a global tipping point. Connected technology spend could surpass the £765 billion mark by 2022, so the possibilities are easy to see. But the steps you need to take today are less apparent. Your customers are curious about new technology, so they may have a lot of questions. And they are looking to you for answers. Start with gaining more insight into your customers. Then see further, from what’s now to what’s next.

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