• Business Concierge brings together 24/7 legal, accounting and IT support for SMEs 

  • Assurant’s latest offering will relieve the back-office pressures of starting and running an SME, allowing business owners to focus on growth 

Assurant has launched a new Business Concierge support package to help small and medium businesses manage their back-office operations with 24/7 legal, accountancy, and technical assistance. 

Created in partnership with International Workplace Group (IWG), the new offering brings together legal and accountancy assistance, as well as IT support for a wide range of connected devices used by a business. Taking these back-office pressures away, Business Concierge enables entrepreneurs to focus on their customers and day-to-day running of their business, knowing support is on hand if needed. 

The essential legal, accountancy and technical support services are bundled together in a simple monthly subscription of just £19.99 + VAT per user. Among its numerous features, Business Concierge includes: a legal and accountancy advice helpline, access to discounted solicitor and accountant fees, HR and employment support, an online legal portal with key document templates, easy-to-use and accounting software that is digital tax ready as well as unlimited access to a Tech Assist helpline, providing support for a wide range of connected devices.  

Christian Formby, president, Assurant Europe, said: “Running a SME is challenging at the best of times, but lockdown has meant these firms, which employ 60 percent of the UK workforce, need more support than ever. Tech assistance and support has seen a significant boost in demand since COVID-19 related lockdown started in early 2020. Through cost-effective legal, accountancy and tech assistance, Business Concierge aims to free businesses from back office distractions and enable them to focus on what they do best: launching and growing a successful business. At Assurant, we’re continuously trying to understand the needs of customers and be a key partner providing relevant and practical insights that can be converted into valuable products for our clients and their customers.” 

Commenting on the launch, James Batt, Founder of Business Stack which provides Legal and Accountancy Assist said: “With so many rules and regulations, running a business whilst staying in line with the relevant legal, accountancy and HR requirements is a challenge. This is particularly the case for smaller firms who don’t know where to turn for trusted, affordable, professional services support. That’s why we are proud to be part of Assurant’s Business Concierge product, providing business owners peace of mind and the essential support they need.” 

Jon Abrahams, Global Managing Director Digital Businesses at IWG, said: “We’re seeing increasing numbers of SMEs demand flexibility from their back-office solutions. Business Concierge is a great way for small businesses to ensure they have the legal, accountancy, and technical parts of their business taken care of cost-effectively. We’re proud to be collaborating with Assurant on this complete support package that can accompany any new or existing small business on the road to long-term growth and resilience.”