Assurant, a global provider of lifestyle and housing solutions that support, protect and connect major consumer purchases, including vehicle protection products and services, today announces its partnership with The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) to provide extended warranty solutions for its electric commercial vehicles.

The new warranty proposition, LEVC One, will cover LEVC electric TX black cabs and VN5 electric van models, more than 4,000 vehicles that are on UK roads today, and will closely resemble the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) initial offering.  The Assurant programme will manage the day-to-day claims management, offering its customer service expertise to vehicle owners, and allowing LEVC to focus on its core business activity.  The product is the first of its kind specifically for Electric Vehicle warranty coverage. 

LEVC One includes a standard warranty for five years and 150,000 miles for the vehicle and eight years and 150,000 miles for the battery, as well as an extended warranty of six years and 200,000 miles for the vehicle and eight years and 200,000 miles for the battery. This means that LEVC can offer a longer warranty that also covers more miles for its customers and supports the UK’s transition to electric vehicles and the end of new petrol or diesel vehicle sales in 2030.   

There will also be a significant expansion in the coverage of authorised LEVC dealers and repairers in the UK.  TX and VN5 will be sold through LEVC’s growing international dealer network, with more than 50 locations in the UK alone by the end of this year, to ensure that customers are never further than a 45-minute drive time to an authorised LEVC service point.

Sean Kent, UK automotive director at Assurant, said: “Electric commercial vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in the UK’s cities where charging infrastructure is being upgraded and incentives for low-emissions vehicles make them incredibly attractive.  For black cab and van drivers who have joined the electric revolution, it is important to have a warranty that means they can get their vehicle fixed and back to work if something does go wrong.

He continued, “Assurant was the first provider to offer an electric vehicle warranty product and we are delighted to partner with such a prominent EV manufacturer and help keep their vehicles on the road.”

Leighton King, Commercial Director at LEVC, commented: “As we continue to expand our footprint in the UK with greater sales and an expanding dealer network, we want to reassure our customers that we have them covered for any possible eventuality in their relationship with LEVC and their vehicle. We expect our vehicle model range to be put to work in demanding commercial environments, so the backing of a solid warranty is confirmation that products from LEVC are up to the task.”