• Survey finds that Millennials are the most optimistic drivers when it comes to technology and the most open to sharing data, with young Gen Z drivers and Baby Boomers the most sceptical.
  • There was a general fall in comfort sharing data in 2021 versus 2020: fewer car users feel comfortable with sharing data that contained technical status of the vehicle (70% from 74%) and data on driving skills (51% from 57%).
  • However, a general openness exists toward sharing data with vehicle manufacturers, including high comfort levels with sharing weather and interior feature settings (appendix, Table 1).

 London, February 16, 2022Assurant (NYSE: AIZ), a leading global provider of lifestyle and housing solutions that support, protect, and connect major consumer purchases, has launched new data showing how consumers are reacting to connected cars and the implications for data and privacy.  

According to data from Assurant’s Connected Decade report, a survey of consumer attitudes towards their connected lives, UK drivers have a generally high level of comfort with car manufacturers gathering and using data from smart vehicles. More than half of all drivers said they were comfortable with a range of data being continuously shared with the manufacturer of the vehicle, including external traffic, weather, and road conditions, vehicle technical status and connected safety features such as automated braking.    

While younger people are generally assumed to be the most open to technology, Gen Z drivers (aged 17-24) are generally less comfortable with sharing data than Millennials (aged 25-40), and have views most closely linked to Generation X drivers (41-56 years old). For almost every type of data that might be collected by smart cars and was questioned in the survey, including location data, technical status, and how the vehicle is being driven, Gen Z drivers were more uncomfortable than their Millennial counterparts with the idea of sharing that information. Similar generational trends were seen for other technological advances in vehicle use. Some 37% of Millennials are enthusiastic about the developments of driverless cars, compared to Gen Z, 33%, Gen X, 27%, and Baby Boomers 18% (appendix, Table 2). 

Sean Kent, Director, Automotive Europe at Assurant said: “UK drivers are generally quite receptive to the idea that the next generation of smart cars will gather and share their data.  What is interesting – and a potential challenge for auto manufacturers – is hesitancy among the youngest drivers. This may be because Gen Z is most aware of data and how it can potentially be misused. The industry will need to work hard to reassure drivers that their data will be stored safely and used to enhance their driving experience and improve the customer journey when something goes wrong with their vehicle.”

 Kent continued: “At Assurant, we place the customer at the heart of what we do, constantly monitoring and identifying what they need. We are focused on and experienced in delivering technical support and protection products and services that help consumers to adopt and embrace a connected lifestyle. As drivers continue to interact with vehicles in new and data-driven ways, we will continue to create products that meet the evolving needs of consumers and the wider auto industry.”

Assurant’s research surveyed more than 1,000 consumers in the UK.



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