At Assurant, we recognise the long-term environmental impact that over-use and over-production of plastics can cause to the planet. That’s why we actively seek changes to the way we operate and do business, to support a more environmentally sustainable future.

One prime example of this has taken place at our European Device Care Centre (DCC) based in the UK, where we have ditched the plastic in the packaging we use to ship devices to customers. We’ve adopted a sustainable solution that is 100% bio-degradable, both inside and out, and still manages to provide the same protection to the customer’s device that was previously offered by the plastic air sack.

Spearheading the project was Kristian Siddall; a Demand Planning Transformation Manager based at the DCC. A key part of Kristian’s role is to review existing processes, looking for opportunities which can enable us to continually improve and streamline our operations, to deliver more efficiency for our partners and their customers.

Kristian and his team were challenged to deliver a packaging design that removes all single-use plastics in favour of material which is sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable. The design not only had to protect the device from damage during transit, but also be a universal fit for all the product lines we despatch.

As a result, this one-size-fits-all approach simplifies inventory management, minimising cost by maximising a single solution use, while most importantly, minimising waste and upholding our commitment to environmental sustainability.

 Watch the video below to learn more from Kristian on the implementation journey for this project.